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On the Editorial Stand proofreading and copy-editing pages you can find detailed descriptions of exactly what you will receive when you use either our proofreading or copy-editing services, all of which can of course be tailored to suit your individual, specific requirements.

The About page will provide you with information all about the owner and managing director of Editorial Stand, as well as all relevant qualifications and experience, which mean that Editorial Stand is the proofreading and copy-editing company for you.

See our Portfolio page for a sample of books we have worked on and helped bring to publication and on our Testimonials page you will find a sample of recent client feedback, allowing you to see why we are the high quality, professional proofreading and copy-editing company that you want to work with to polish your writing.

Contact us today with the details of your project using the email address enquiries@editorialstand.co.uk or feel free to use our Contact page.

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The Editorial Stand Blog offers thought-provoking articles and comments on the publishing world in all its forms, including writers’ tips, language discussions and new book releases. Don’t forget to sign up with your email address on the right-hand side of the blog page to receive the weekly blog articles direct into your inbox.

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“I have only made this letter longer because I have not had the time to make it shorter.”

                                                                                                               Blaise Pascal

Written a book? Then you’re in the right place.

Every author needs an editor. And that’s where we come in.

When you’ve put your heart and soul into your manuscript over years of patience and hard work, you have to make absolutely sure what you publish is the most polished it can possibly be.

Do you want people to remember your inspirational characters or your punctuation all over the place creating confusion? Do you want to thrill and excite your readers with the suspense and drama of your storyline or do you want to dismay and disappoint with inconsistent tenses and sloppy phrasing?

Copy-editing and proofreading go far beyond correcting the odd typo. Each service helps to present your book in the best possible light to encourage your readers to keep on reading and ultimately leave you glowing reviews.

Here at Editorial Stand, we offer high-quality proofreading and copy-editing services that suit your individual requirements. We work with you to ensure that what goes to publication is free of linguistic errors and with content that is entirely coherent, straightforward and consistent. We check for readability and we ensure that there are no errors of miscommunication in your work, but most importantly, we will never change the voice of intent of your work. You have complete control over every suggestion that we make.

We only ever produce the highest quality work and always strive to give you the results you want.

Why publish brilliant content that is completely let down by the language? Proofreading and copy-editing are the most important things you can do for your writing.

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